Oh, no! Not the Maple Syrup! 

In Quebec, we are known as the world's largest producers of Maple Syrup. It is a piece of the culture here that makes Quebec, Quebec! 

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In fact, Quebec produced 71% of the world's maple syrup in 2014, providing about 114 million pounds of that sweet good stuff, globally. 

As you may recall, this past year our weather has been insane! We've had tons of ups and downs, massive amounts of snow, and as of recent years, winter hits some of the highest low temperatures in history. 

Maple syrup production in Quebec took a blow because of a spike in below-average temperatures, causing our trees to produce less sap.

Quebec's maple syrup is industry is expected to fall as much as 27% to 49,900 metric tons. These figures are coming directly from the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, a government-sanctioned agency setting bulk prices for the world's maple syrup exports coming out of Quebec.

This is sobering news, I know! A Quebec without maple syrup sounds terrible. What next? What about our crepes and waffles?

Well, it's okay. Don't stress. Don't go rushing to the store to stock up on cans... a backup plan has been made and Quebec came through for all of us!

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According to Helene Normandin, a "strategic reserve of syrup" is available for a scenario such as this. So nobody in the world should miss Quebec's sweet gold, maple syrup, too much. 

The agency actually has a reserve of 96 million extra pounds of maple syrup, specifically for a "syrup crisis" like this. So, yes, there is a shortage... but we should all still be able to pull through! Thank goodness!

The reserve came after the famous 2012 maple syrup heist where a Quebec man made off with $18M worth of the sticky sweetness. 

What should you take away from this? Well, global warming is real, and our winters have gotten harsher. It is affecting our syrup production, a leading export. Mother nature is angry! 

Still, go ahead an indulge yourself, but don't take it for granted. Who knows where we will be in terms of syrup production next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. 

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