This year has not been an easy one on the wallets of car owners of Quebec. We can see a clear trend where the gas prices are steadily increasing since January.

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That said, the price at the pump this week was hovering around $1.44/L. Not only is the price per liter rising, but that TPS and TVQ are charged on that price as well!

The government is imposing sales taxes (TPS & TVQ) AFTER having included other taxes like "carbon tax" and "transit tax" in the price of the liter. 

In other words, taxes are being taxed. 

As if that wasn't enough, to make it MORE financially difficult for Queberquers, wages are not rising alongside the price of gas. 

Ultimately, if the sales tax were excluded, this would allow Quebec car owners to save 10% on the final bill at the pump.

Some see the high price of gas as having a long-term positive implication, as it motivates citizens to favor taking the bus and public transit over driving.  Actually forcing individuals to develop more positive lifestyle habits. 

That said, as more and more Montrealers turn to public transport, this places pressure on the STM to scale and improve their services.

Here is the official rank of taxes paid on gas by Canadian city:

1. Montréal:  57 cents/L
2. Québec:  51 cents/L
3. Vancouver:  51 cents/L
4. St. John’s, T.-N.:  48 cents/L
5. Toronto:  45 cents/L
6. Calgary:  36 cents/L
7. Winnipeg:  31 cents/L

The big question is: if the price of gas continues to rise, would you be willing to give up your car? Or maybe, this is the perfect time to buy that electric or hybrid car you've been eyeing.


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