One of Quebecers' favourite pass-time is complaining about Quebec. Whether it's about the crazy high tax rate, the insufferable traffic, or the fact that we have among the highest hospital wait times IN THE WORLD, it does seem that we have a lot going against us.

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That being said, Quebecers now have a reason to walk with their head a little higher. According to the province's statistics agency, l'Institut de la Statistique du Québec, our economy grew 2.9% compared to the country's 2.3%. Our GDP also increased by 1.1% while Canada's grew 0.9%. 

A lot that can be attributed to the fact that Quebec's household spending is up for the seventh straight quarter. Other reasons include a minor increase in government spending as well its investment increase.

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The same office that issued the report sees no slowing down of the current economic trend that Quebec is on which can only mean good things to come. 

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