• A Quebec snow squall warning has been issued by Environment Canada today as heavy flurries and high winds move quickly through the southern part of the province. 
  • Visibility may be reduced to zero in some areas, which may make travel conditions dangerous.
  • Take a look at the regions affected below. 

A snow squall warning has been issued by Environment Canada for several regions in Southern Quebec, with several more also under a snow squall watch. For anyone hoping that the storm early this week was a fluke and we might soon be reverting back to milder November weather, I'm so sorry to do this to you. But it looks like winter weather is here, and here to stay.

The snowfall in these regions is expected to consist of "very intense" flurries paired with "strong winds," which combined have the ability to "reduce visibilities to near zero."

Because of this significant decrease in visibility, Environment Canada warns travellers that "travel may be hazardous due to sudden changes in the weather."

Montreal is not currently listed under a watch or warning, though Environment Canada is saying Montreal will be seeing "light snow changing to flurries, at times heavy" throughout the afternoon of November 15.

Nearby regions under a snow squall watch include Lachute, Saint-Jérôme, Drummondville, and Bois-Franc. The Laurentians and north are dealing with the more intense snow squalls, where visibility is expected to be "nearly zero for a brief period over the next few hours," which will contribute to "quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions."

The map below shows the regions that were put under a snow squall watch early this morning around 8:30 a.m.

Before long, Environment Canada had to update the map to include several new regions, as well as to up the watch to an all-out warning for some regions.

Even in the time it has taken me to write this article, the Southern Quebec Alerts page has been updated with four more regions going from being under snow squall watch to a real warning.

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These are the regions included in the Weather Alerts issued by Environment Canada:

  • Abitibi - Snow Squall Warning
  • Beauce - Snow Squall Watch
  • Charlevoix -Snow Squall Watch
  • Chibougamau - Snow Squall Warning
  • Drummondville - Bois-Franc - Snow Squall Watch
  • Kamouraska - Rivière-du-Loup - Trois-Pistoles - Snow Squall Watch
  • La Tuque - Snow Squall Warning
  • La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve - Snow Squall Watch
  • Lac-Saint-Jean - Snow Squall Warning
  • Lanaudière -Snow Squall Watch
  • Laurentians -Snow Squall Watch
  • Laurentians Wildlife Reserve -Snow Squall Warning
  • Les Escoumins - Forestville -Snow Squall Watch
  • Matagami - Snow Squall Warning
  • Mauricie -Snow Squall Warning
  • Mont-Laurier - Snow Squall Warning
  • Mont-Tremblant Park - Saint-Michel-des-Saints - Snow Squall Warning
  • Montmagny - L'Islet -Snow Squall Watch
  • Parent - Gouin Reservoir -Snow Squall Warning
  • Pontiac -Snow Squall Watch
  • Québec -Snow Squall Watch
  • Saguenay - Snow Squall Warning
  • Sainte-Anne-des-Monts - Grande-Vallée - Wind Warning
  • Témiscamingue - Snow Squall Watch
  • Témiscouata -Snow Squall Watch
  • Upper Gatineau - Lièvre - Papineau - Snow Squall Watch

Those regions that are only under a "watch" are also warned that "very heavy flurries combined with strong winds may briefly reduce visibility to near zero."

Environment Canada notes that driving or other types of travel in these areas will also be potentially "hazardous due to sudden changes in the weather."

Here in Montreal, the forecast today calls for "light snow changing to flurries, at times heavy, this afternoon." So while we're getting some snow and wind, it's not expected to be quite as troublesome as the regions mentioned above.

Also... check that weekend forecast.


In any case, no matter what the weather is like or where you are today, stay safe!

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