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We hate to bring back what has been proven to be a very touchy subject in Montreal, but here goes: Quebec tuition is rising and there isn't much anyone can do about it. A new report published today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives projects the steady increase of Quebec tuition, which will not please many students in the province.

Looking across Canada and breaking down the projected tuition increases of every province, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives analyzed Quebec's current tuition-situation and found the province will likely increase tuition by 22% by 2018.

The projected increase was determined using the current Quebec policy on tuition (which allows tuition to rise with the cost of living) in relation to inflation. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives found that for in-province students, tuition and mandatory university fees will rise from $3, 124 (this fall) to $4, 714 in 2017-18.

Only last year, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published another report which cited that Quebec's tuition will rise to $3,759 by 2017. A year can really change a lot.

Still, even with the 22% increase, Quebec will still be the 2nd most affordable province to study in 2018. You'll still have to fork out the dough, but at least not as much as students elsewhere in the nation.

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