Philippe Couillard is hoping to install a high-speed transit link running between Montreal and Quebec City, said the Quebec premiere during the Liberal Party convention yesterday. 

Described as a “flagship” project by Couillard, reports Radio-Canada, the exact form of the transit project really hasn’t been hammered out yet. 

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Couillard, however, is keen on the idea of a “monorail à grande vitesse,” or high-speed-monorail, that could connect the two cities. 

One monorail design in particular has Couillard’s interest piqued. Created by Pierre Couture, the proposed monorail could travel at above  250 km/h.

The monorail wouldn’t increase traffic (since it’s operating on its own above-ground track) and would cut travel-time from Montreal to Quebec to around an hour. 

But, again, nothing is set in stone. Couillard plans to open up proposals for the project. The only requirement (as it looks now) is that the design by of Quebec origin. 

The open casting call for transit projects will only happen if the Liberals are re-elected next year. 

Transit experts weighing in on the proposed transit project say a monorail isn’t the only option. 

A monorail could take up to ten years (if not more) and hundreds of millions of dollars to construct and test. 

Another, more economic and expedient option would be a “high-frequency train” set up in collaboration with VIA Rail. 

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