A poll released Tuesday by Leger and first shared by the Canadian Press shows that while a majority of Quebecers are "worried" about back-to-school, it's a much smaller majority than found elsewhere in Canada.

56% of Quebecers polled are worried about kids returning to class. That's compared to 64% in Atlantic Canada, 65% in Ontario, 79% in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 72% in Alberta, and 75% in B.C.


Of Quebecers 'Worried' About Kids Going Back To School

Maybe unsurprisingly, kids are less worried than their parents. Only 30% of Quebec survey respondents said their kids are "nervous and anxious" about going back to school — the lowest percentage of any region.

54% of Quebec respondents, meanwhile, said their kids are actually "excited and looking forward to the return."

Quebec's back-to-school plan includes mandatory mask-wearing on transportation and in school common areas, isolated classes, and protocols for switching to remote learning in case of an outbreak.

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