Quebec's Cocaine Cowgirls are back in the news today! 

Mélina Roberge was one of the two Quebec women arrested in Australia for cocaine trafficking 95 kilograms in the country. She plead guilty to the charges Friday morning. 

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Roberge was 24-years old at the time of arrest and faced charges attempting to import commercial quality cocaine into Sydney, Austrailia. 

The other two involved in this case are Isabelle Lagacé - 30 years old, and André Jorge Tamine - 64 years old. Both plead guilty already to the allegations.

Mélina Roberge first claimed ignorance, claiming she was unaware of drugs in her suitcase, but the judge wasn't buying it.

Roberge has not been sentenced yet, but it is likely she will face similar charges to those laid on Isabelle Lagacé, who was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison last November.

André Jorge Tamine will be back in court on October 26 for his sentence. 

He could be facing life in prison for his charges. 

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