Yesterday a few details regarding Quebec's new cannabis regulations were released and we just couldn't help ourselves so we gave you guys a little preview.

But today the complete plan has been unveiled and we finally know the answer to our biggest questions

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I'm sure you're curious what legal weed will actually look like in Quebec in summer 2018 so here's everything you want to know.

Who can buy cannabis

As long as you are over 18 it will be legal to purchase posses and consume cannabis in the province of Quebec.

Who can sell cannabis

The SAQ are opening SQC (Société Québécoise du Cannabis) and you will be allowed to buy it in store and online.

Where can you smoke it?

It will be legal to smoke cannabis anywhere you’re allowed to smoke cigarettes.

Will cannabis be banned anywhere?

Restaurants - Bars - Workplaces - Building entrances

Can I grow it at home?


Can I smoke cannabis and drive?


How much will pot cost?

Quebec has not set a price yet.


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