September is coming to an end and was, all in all, a sunny month in our province. However, precipitation is now in Quebec's weather forecast, as a fall storm is expected to occur today and will likely cause power outages.

The storm will be felt almost everywhere in Quebec, but the areas mainly affected are between Quebec City and Montreal.

According to MétéoMédia, winds of up to 90 km/h could blow over Quebec on September 29 and even potentially uproot trees.

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50 to 75 mm

Of rain between Quebec City and Montreal

A lot of rain will also fall in the province. It will be particularly abundant further north, reaching up to 75 millimetres between Quebec City and Montreal.

Obviously, this much wind and rain can be devastating and cause power outages.

In fact, some citizens are already running out of electricity before the storm has even begun. At the time of writing this article, Hydro-Québec is already experiencing just over 57 outages on its network, depriving more than 5,960 customers of electricity.

This predicted fall storm is likely to complicate the daily lives of people working from home or in confinement. Stay safe!

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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