What’s better than Quiznos? No, not Subway, Subway is crazy overrated and actually kind of sucks. The only thing better than a toasty Quiznos sub when you’re really hankering for some sandwich action is a free Quiznos sub. 

And on October 25th, you can get exactly that. 

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Yes, you read that (and the title of this article, which is why you clicked on the link anyway, so I’ll stop slowing things down and get to the point) Quiznos is offering free food all across Canada come October 25th. 

To introduce customers to their new gyro-centric menu items, Quiznos is doling out its new gyro sub and wrap for free-of-charge next Wednesday. 

You do, however, need to make a purchase before you can get the free gyro promotion, which will be happening at all Canadian location, says a press release from Quiznos. 

Does that mean you can buy a drink then reap the benefits of gratis gyro? Honestly, we’re not sure. The sandwich chain simply said “free with any purchase” with no specifics (or a minimum amount) really given. 

Either way, you’ll be getting a wrap or sub worth at least $7-$8 at zero charge. Again, Quiznos didn’t really say whether you’ll get a small, medium, or large gyro sub or wrap, but it’s free so let’s not complain. 

For those who know nothing of Greek street-and-sandwich cuisine, gyro is meat (typically pork, chicken, beef or lamb) cooked vertically and seasoned with delicious spices. It’s basically Greek shawarma. 

Quiznos’s gyro offerings will be beef and lamb served in either a whole wheat wrap or a sandwich bun. Both are served with lettuce, tomatoes, and tzatziki, as is normal with gyros. 

But enough of the nitty-gritty details. Just get your mouth-and-stomach to a Quiznos on Wednesday, October 25th and you’ll get a free sandwich. Enjoy. 

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