Thanks to the Ville de Québec, you can now buy the retro seats from the Québec Nordiques stadium and sit on a piece of history.

While the Nordiques and the Colisée Pepsi have long been a thing of the past, they will likely never be forgotten in the collective memory of people who live in Quebec... and even some hockey lovers who just liked having another Canadian team in the NHL.

But, since that is nothing but a dream for right now, the best thing you can do is commemorate that special time in our history.

Which is why the Ville de Québec is now going to be selling the iconic benches from the Colisée Pepsi to super fans and collectors alike. 

Some 500 people have already laid claim on theirs, according to the Montreal Gazette, but that still leaves about 3,500 up for grabs.

The city is selling the seats for $30 each, as pairs, and if you're looking to really create a collector's item, you can also get the bench signed by a former Nordiques player.

To have your bench signed you'll need to dish out an extra $25, but those proceeds will be going to charity. 

These days it's not uncommon to see the benches of the old Forum, the arena where the Montreal Canadiens used to play, perched against the wall in a pub or barber shop.

So, now, les super fans d'hockey are going to have a chance to double up their memorabilia by adding some benches from the Nordiques' arena as well.

The benches seen in the photo above (and in the lower half of the cover image) are plastic blue seats that will be re-used by "municipalities, schools and other institutions," according to the Gazette.

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The blue benches also outnumber the white benches significantly, at 11,000, meaning they are also far less rare.

The blue seats also were not part of the stadium when it was inaugurated in 1949, so they're obviously not as worth collecting.


To purchase one of the white benches that are for sale, head to the Ville de Québec website here.

The sale is happening on October 19th and 20th and individuals will be allowed to purchase up to 12 benches per person... so consider creating that mini-theatre in your living room you've always dreamt of, and make it extra special with these historic benches!

In another turn down Quebec sports memory lane, the dream of a baseball stadium is being talked about yet again for the Montreal area.

This time, the proposition is to put a stadium in Pointe-Saint-Charles where there is currently some federal land up for grabs.

Some disinterested parties claim that land is meant to be used for public good, not a stadium with luxury real estate attached, but there's no denying that sports can play a great part in the livelihood of a city or borough.

But the other major question is how to get a stadium amount of people in and out with such minimal access, to which those involved cited the R.E.M train.

Details on that when they arise!

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