Get ready Montreal, because North America's largest sex show is back again this year.

The Montréal Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction will take place from January 20 to 22, at Place Bonaventure, and you're invited to come celebrate their 23rd anniversary.

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There will be tons of entertainment, including some very revealing stage shows, sex seminars, live erotic art performances, kinky playrooms and more sex toys and accessories that you could possibly imagine.

So whether you're single, in a couple, or a group looking to spice things up,  The Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction has something in store for you.

This year will feature some brand new additions including a huge expansion to the burlesque stage, a wider variety of stores, new performers and some never before seen acts.

Tickets cost $20 for a single day, and they are available online or at the door.

Top Ten Things To Do at The Salon de l'Amour et de la Séduction

  1. Watch and Judge The New Fashion Show on the Main Stage.
  2. Improve Your Oral Sex Skills in the Seminar Room.
  3. Learn The Proper Spanking Technique in the Kink Corner Playroom.
  4. Test Out Some Aphrodisiac Foods and Drinks in The Café Blvd.
  5. Sit Front Row For One of The Burlesque Performances in The Monde Osé Booth.
  6. Scout Out Your New Favourite Sex Toy On The Show Floor.
  7. Watch Live Body Casting, Body Painting, and Performance Art in the Erotic Art Area.
  8. Grab An Autograph or Photograph From A Performer.
  9. Be Mesmerized By A Kinky Performance On the Kink Stage.
  10. Check Out The Wellness Zone To Test Your Burlesquing Skills.

Check out The Montréal Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction website for more info and tickets.

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