Tensions between Canada and Saudia Arabia are quickly rising. Canadians woke up this morning to a flood of news about angry oligarchs in the oil-rich country.

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Here's a quick breakdown of what happened:

On Friday, the Canadian Foreign Ministry tweeted about the government's concern for women's rights in the notriously restrictive Arab country.

The Saudi government reacted quickly with economic sanctions, ejection of the Canadian ambassador, and a haunting warning:

Of course, the first "internal affair" that came to the minds of many was the issue of Quebec's sovereignty. Some groups in the fancophone province continue to push for its separation from the rest of the country, citing cultural difference and economic inequity.

Some read this tweet from the Saudi government as coded support for the separatist movement. People in Saudi Arabia upset at Canada's statement caught on to the insinuation and in a viral trend began tweeting their own support for un Québec libre, according to Buzzfeed News.

Right now, such messages are likely just bluster. Though Saudi Arabia tends to act in extremes. There's no telling just how this current conflict between the two countries will develop.

Stay tuned.



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