Get your minds out of the gutter people, this cop is obviously showing this bare-shouldered blonde woman what its like in the front seat of a cop car...while sitting on his lap. Or, you know, they're going at it reverse cowgirl-style. A raunchy of wholesome interpretation is up to you.

In truth, no one really knows that the deal with this incriminating photo is. CJAD reports the city's police are currently looking into the matter. Photoshop can work wonders these days, so it is very possible the photo is a fake.

According to Leila Saad, the photo is real and so is the COPulation (pun!) going on in the police car. CJAD quoted Saad saying "The girl was sitting on the cop...they were having it was going up and down."

The original photo was leaked by Esprit, and has since exploded on social media networks around Montreal. To be fair to both the cop and the lady in the seat, I think we've all envisioned getting it on in a cop car. Props to these two for crossing it off of their bucket list. If the photo is real, of course.

What do you think really happened?

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