Ever daydream about what it would be like to own a real lightsaber? Ever dish out hundreds of dollars on props and replicas? Well your days of pretending you're a badass are over. According to scientists, the famed saber of light isn't science fiction anymore, it's science fact!

Uber genius scientists at M.I.T. and Harvard "accidentally" figured out how to make a real life lightsaber. I'm assuming "accident" is just there because they don't want other governments knowing the Unites States has just stumbled upon the potentially greatest weapon known to man.

Harvard professor and Jedi, Mikhail Lukin, and his posse of scientists, were just messing around with quantum mechanics during an experiment. Basically, when a photon is fired through atoms, is transfers energy making the atom's electrons gain energy. The electron then sends the energy packing back to the photon, which slows down the speed of light!

The result? Two "light antennas" pushing and deflecting off each other, which is what two lightsabers look like when Obi-Wan and Darth Vader clashed in Star Wars episode IV! Now we're still a good way away from an actual lightsaber, but we're getting there!

Source: The Guardian

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