A Tuesday morning inspection on the Champlain Bridge pointed out a serious flaw that was found in a part of the support structure. WTF?

This inspection prompted the bridge authorities to close down 1 outbound lane on the bridge for the next four weeks. They are saying this will not affect rush hour traffic but we doubt it and so should you. Forget going to the south shore if you're in a rush.

The detailed inspection completed Wednesday confirmed the 2-mm crack could affect the structural integrity of the girder and so needed to be repaired.

I wonder, what if the inspection was done next week or in 2 months? Could this "crack" have caused the bridge to break down an important support piece and kill people on their way to work in the morning?

When is Québec going to decide to make public road safety a priority? We get that drunk driving is stupid... move on and start fixing our roads and bridges!

Source: CTV

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