I think it's safe to say all of us felt the effects of the massive heat wave that took over Montreal this Weekend. Quite a few of us most likely got sunburnt, a bit dehydrated and possibly heat stroke. With the temperature getting as high as 45 degrees celsius over the weekend, most of us were inside glued to our air conditioning.

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Well, this heat did turn out to literally be deadly for some. Six Montrealers have died so far of causes related to this weeks heat wave.

Police and firefighters are now going door to door in the city to check up on the vulnerable and make sure they have access to neccessary resources to stay safe in this weather. Of the 1,500 people visited in downtown Montreal on the long weekend holiday, one was taken to hospital due to a heat-related illness. Over 5,000 homes will be visited by authorities today to continue with the safety measures put in place.

Those that are the most vulnerable to heat-related illness and injury are senior citizens and people that already suffer from chronic illness. It's super important to stay hydrated and stay indoors for the time being.

A heat warning is still in effect for Quebec, so better safe than sorry in this case. Time to stay inside and binge watch Netflix until this heat passes.

Stay safe Montreal!


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