I'm sure that there are tons of university students out there looking forward to October 17th, the official day that marijuana will be legalized across Canada.

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Of course, all types of people engage in pot-smoking – not just students, but it would seem that young people are the most eager for legalization to come around.

That said, in light of legalization, it looks like many Canadian universities have recently announced their updated rules and regulations regarding pot smoking on campus.  

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According to a report by CTVUniversity of Guelph students will only be able to consume cannabis in private residences. Recreational marijuana is banned in all public spaces or workplaces on campus.

Queens U, a notorious "party" university has banned campus-wide pot smoking. 

Now for Quebec. The province itself passed a law that states no smoking on grounds where there are buildings of a post-secondary educational institution. Ie. No smoking on University campus. 

McGill University has taken that regulation a step further and banned all weed and weed products including edibles, drinkables and topicals from their campuses. 

As for the rest of Canada, although there are no updates from schools in B.C, due to the already lax provincial regulation surrounding marijuana consumption, it's assumed that on-campus policies will reflect that.


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