In the past there have been a couple of people who randomly decided to hide free money in Montreal.

A couple years ago someone hid money all around Montreal and tweeted clues so people could find it. Later that same year, a company hid $2000 worth of cash in envelopes around the city. 

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But this time you won't need to go on a scavenger hunt to find it. 

That's because according to The Montreal Gazette, a company called iA Groupe financier has decided to celebrate its 125th anniversary by giving away $125 gifts to random people in Montreal.

The giveaway starts will last from February 21 - 24, but there's a catch. 

Yes, there's always a catch. 

Workers will be be patrolling the streets of Montreal looking for "worthy recipients". So if they see you doing a good deed, helping someone out, or just being an all around good person, you might just be gifted $125. 


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