• Environment Canada has issued several warnings as a Southern Quebec ice storm is expected later today.
  • Both a Rainfall Warning and a Freezing Rain Warning have been issued indicating we will be seeing a significant amount of freezing precipitation.
  • Winds are also expected to reach 60-70km/h. Details below.

As suggested by a report yesterday, Southern Quebec is about to get hit by a pretty nasty storm. Many are finding themselves hardpressed not to compare the incoming storm to the historic Quebec ice storm that hit in 1998. Now, Environment Canada has officially issued both a Rainfall and a Freezing Rain Warning for a huge swath of southern Quebec, indicating Montreal weather is going to be truly miserable this weekend.

I will never forget the 1998 ice storm. I was only 7 years old and was travelling by train from Toronto to Montreal with my mom, to meet my dad in Montreal where he had been on a work trip.

We arrived just as the calm had come, and I remember thinking, "Does Quebec always look like this?"

Everything was completely covered in ice. Branches and powerlines were heavy with the weight, if they hadn't been blown down already.

We don't know yet if this storm will have the same impact... but it's not looking good. 

Today, Saturday the 11th, is expected to bring significant amounts of freezing rain, followed by "strong gusts of 60 to 70 kilometres per hour, according to Environment Canada.

Below is the forecast for Montreal this weekend. 

Environment Canada explains that "between 15 and 30 millimetres of freezing rain are expected beginning Saturday evening."

It's going to start as rain, here in Montreal, before transitioning to freezing rain and then eventually "ice pellets" by Saturday evening. In total, "20 to 35 millimetres of rain is expected today."

By Sunday it should be back to snow, but we'll still be seeing precipitation. 

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Below you can see the widespread impact that Environment Canada is anticipating this storm is going to have on the southeastern part of Canada.

Out west they're still dealing with extreme cold and windchill temperatures as low as -40.

The entirety of Southern Ontario is also under some kind of warning, whether it's a Rainfall, Freezing Rain or a Winter Storm Warning.

They're going to be hit with the same storm we're going to see, just a couple hours before.

Environment Canada is warning Canadians to be careful as surfaces will become increasingly slippery over the course of the day. 

If you've got some shopping to do... you might want to head out to the store ASAP.

Plus, the freezing rain mixed with the strong gusting wind could mean branches and power lines start coming down, so be careful if you are out and about at all today, particularly tonight.

In addition, Public Safety Canada is encouraging people to "make an emergency plan and get an emergency kit with drinking water, food, medicine, a first-aid kit and a flashlight."

Which sounds like... don't be surprised if the power goes out.

We'll keep you posted as things progress. As for now, get prepared and stay safe.

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