Hey, Starbucks and coffee fans of Canada!

Earlier this week we told you about the new Starbucks happy hour deals for Thursday, April 12. 

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Starbucks has doubled down on the spring drink deals with another 50% off happy hour for today, only!

Starbucks locations across Canada will be offering their signature iced espresso drinks at 50% off as of 2 PM today (April 13), until closing tonight. 

@starbuckscanadaembedded via  

Starbucks deals never go unnoticed. They're not really what you'd call "cheap" coffee drinks, so a 50% off happy hour deal is always gonna be a special treat!

If you can endure the colder weather out there, get out and get yourself some iced drinks! We are Canadian, after all, the cold should not deter us from enjoying mid-day iced espresso...

...especially when it is a Starbucks espresso!

Here is the Facebook event page.

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