By now you've probably all heard of the incident which took place in a Philadelphia-based Starbucks a little over a month ago.

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Long story short. Two black men were arrested after being refused permission to use the washroom. One of the Starbucks employees called 911 after the men refused to leave.

As you can imagine in today's political and social climate the public backlash was huge. As a result, Starbucks got on its PR horse and began to do damage control and publicly apologized for the incident. 

Starbucks isn't just all talk and no walk, though.

Not only did they start with an apology, they are trying to show their clients that they are taking this incident to heart and subsequently have ordered the temporary shut down of 8,000 U.S-based stores on the afternoon of May 29 so that nearly 175,000 employees can receive training on unconscious bias.

They will now be rolling out the same training initiative in Canada. On the afternoon of June 11th, select Starbucks locations across Canada will also be shut down for unconscious bias training. 

It's not very often that we come across large corporations that are willing to allocate time, money, and resources on such initiatives. Usually, it's just a simple public apology and life goes on. But Starbucks Canada wants all their customers to know that  "everyone deserves to be treated with respect".


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