With rain predicted until Sunday and a storm surge warning in effect for much of southern Quebec, things are not looking up for areas that are flooded, or at a high risk of flooding.

As of Monday morning, 2,389 residences are flooded in Quebec. The Government of Canada is warning that "higher than normal water levels are expected near the coast Tuesday morning."

Unfortunately, things are not looking up. With more rain predicted in the next few days, the worst of the flood is yet to come.

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TL;DR Warm weather and rain are going to exacerbate the floods that are ravaging parts of Southern Quebec. Water levels are expected to keep rising.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Meteorological Service of Canada have jointly issued a coastal flood warning.

According to the government of Canada's website, "a low pressure system developing tonight will slowly track up the US eastern seaboard over the next few days. It will cause moderate to strong winds over the Quebec City's region."

"These winds combined with the high flows of the St. Lawrence River and the fact that we are currently in a period of high tidal range might cause minor flooding along the coast."

The SIM, and the City of Montreal are also warning citizens that precipitation may increase the risk of flooding in the Montreal area. 

Note, however, that the city of Montrel has not yet delcared a state of emergency.

As of now, precipitation predictions show that only small amounts of rain are to be expected. Of course, this is subject to change, and municipalities are bracing for the worst.

And even if rainfall is relatively mild, water levels in inundated areas are nevertheless rising.

The City of Montreal recommends that citizens living in flood-prone areas use sandbags and other precautionary measures to protect themselves and their homes.

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