It's the kind of title you just don't want to believe, but sadly it's true.

The AZUR trains have already been removed from the metro.

It's only been 3 months since they've been running but somehow they're already broken.

Just like everything else in Montreal, it takes twice as long to finish, it costs twice as much and in the end it's still crappy.

Photo cred - commons.wikimedia

The trains were taken out of circulation because of some defective bolts that have been breaking off for unknown reasons.

It may just be bolts, but seriously why can't anything work right in this city.

A spokesperson from the STM said that they noticed an issue with the bolts on one of the trains, but all three have been pulled so that they can be inspected further.

The first 2 trains did not seem to have any issues so they will be put back on tracks, but the other will need a few adjustments before it goes back into service.

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