An STM bus driver who showed support for a Bill 62 protest could face disciplinary action.

The driver, who has not been named, was seen wearing a surgical mask in solidarity with protesters and honking his vehicle's horn. Check out the tweet-video below to see the driver in action.

But according to the STM, this was “inappropriate behaviour,” as stated by a spokesperson for the STM speaking to CBC.

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All employees are supposed to “adopt apolitical behaviour,” said the STM representative. Depending on the driver’s previous record, a suspension could be enforced.

Fortunately, a legal expert speaking to CBC said the likelihood of the driver being seriously reprimanded is minimal.

The driver was merely echoing the views of the STM employee union, which has already spoke out against Bill 62, and wasn’t seriously damaging the reputation of Montreal’s public transit company.

Let’s hope that is the case, because a human being showing support for others being marginalized by the government isn’t something that should be penalized.

Instead, we should be praising this bus driver and all others who are speaking out against Bill 62. Hopefully, more STM employees will follow suit.

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