This morning one of our old articles received a lot of attention. The article dealt with the fact that several women were claiming to have sexually assaulted by Montreal taxi drivers and that instead of doing something about it, the Montreal Police said that women should try to not take taxis alone, and to limit their alcohol consumption in order to remain in control. Apparently,  in their eyes, the problem doesn't lie with the taxi drivers, but with the women who are putting themselves in these kind of situations by drinking too much and taking taxis alone.

Not exactly the greatest PR move they've ever done. Well, the cops might not be willing to do anything to help the situation, but the STM sure does. For the last few years, the STM has been offering a special kind of service.

Starting at 9 p.m. from May 1 to August 29, any woman taking the bus alone can request that a bus driver drop her off anywhere between the regular stops. That way women can be closer to their destination and won't have to wander the streets alone longer than they have to. 

All you need to do is ask the the bus driver at least 1 stop in advance where you'd like the bus to stop. The driver will then try drop you off as close as possible. This may not be a new service, but seeing as how this topic seems to concern our readers, we figured we'd leave this little reminder that this amazing service is still available.

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