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The STM may have put the kibosh on anyone getting free metro maps a while back, but now you may be able to get official metro signs, bus stops, and the big ol' downward arrows in your home,  for a price.

Andy Riga of the Gazette reports that as the STM gets ready to change its signage, they're contemplating the idea of selling off the old signs and maps to citizens.

Nothing is confirmed, but the STM is definitely looking into selling old signs as souvenirs, as seen in a questionnaire given out on the STM network this past Wednesday, which specifically asked how much riders would pay for official signs and maps.

With new designs for signs across the STM network, it makes sense for the STM to make a quick few bucks to those willing to buy the new ones. If the STM does open up shop, here's how things will likely be priced, as seen in the aforementioned questionnaire:

  • Inside metro car map: $25

  • Metro station platform map: $25

  • Bus stop sign: $40

  • Coloured metro station name-signs (from inside station): $50

  • Downward arrow metro sign: $75

  • Metro station name (from station platform): $100

  • Metro station name (from outside the station): $125

  • Street name-signs (from inside station): $125

If these prices seem fair and you really want some STM swag, let 'em know. Hopefully we'll all have hip and trendy STM signs in our respective apartments soon.

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