While we suffer through the extremeties of a classic Canadian winter, it doesn't hurt to let our minds wander towards warmer, happier times, right? In reality, summer is only a few months away, meaning we should probably prepare for the season of sunny days and outdoor adventures now.

Although you might want to hold out on your dreams for the upcoming season, because it's going to be NOTHING like our previous summer temperatures and record-breaking heat.

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TL;DR The Farmer's Almanac is predicting summer 2019 will have below-average to average temperatures in most places due to a cold and wet spring accompanied by flurries late into the season. Heatwaves are unlikely for this summer. Details on expected temperatures in each Canadian region below.

The Farmer's Almanac has a complete list of long-range weather forecasts for every province in Canada that goes up until the end of March 2019. If you happen to take a look at the predicted forcasts, all provinces excluding B.C. (which is expecting average temperatures) will have to prepare for below average cool weather well into spring.

Using that forecast, the Almanac has also begun to predict what summer 2019 will look like across the country, and it looks like the cool, wet spring will carry over to some degree into the summer months in most provinces.

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Below is just a quick look at what conditions are expected in each region, according to the Almanac. B.C. really stands out as an outlier. The Almanac offers no predictions for Nunavut.


  • Wetter summer with average tempratures
  • Peak temperatures between mid-June and early August
  • Late summer and early fall will see above-average temperatures with higher than average rainfall

Northwest Territories

  • Warm and wet summer 
  • Peak temperatures between mid-July and early August
  • Cool late summer and early fall

British Columbia

  • Summer with average temperatures, wetter in the west and more dry in the east
  • Peak temperatures between mid-June and early August
  • Dry late summer and early fall with above normal temperatures

The Prairies

  • Dry summer in the east, wet in the west, with average temperatures throughout
  • Peak temperatures between mid-June and early August
  • Warm and dry late summer and early fall

Southern Ontario

  • Wetter and cooler summer
  • Peak temperatures between late June and early July; and mid-July to mid-August
  • Wetter and "cooler" late summer and early fall

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Southern Quebec

  • Dry summer with about average temparatures
  • Peak temperatures between late June and mid-August.
  • Cooler than average late summer and early fall

Atlantic Canada

  • Cooler and drier summer
  • Peak temperatures between mid-July and mid-August
  • Possible tropical storm threat in late August
  • Wetter and cooler late summer and early fall

Temperatures for the rest of winter will be below average, but The Farmer's Almanac is also predicting flurries, as well as above average rain late into the spring season. With a brutally cold end to a long winter followed by a chilly and wet beginning to spring, you can't expect anything but a below average summer.

Whether you like it or not, chances are we won't be seeing the miserable heatwaves again this year. 


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