Winter is not taking it easy on us lately, that's why we decided to look at as many forecasts as we could find, to see what you can expect out of spring and summer this year.

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To do that we decided to look at the long term prediction from the farmers almanac,  but just to be sure we checked the predictions for Atlantic Canada and southern Quebec to see exactly what we can expect in our corner of the country.

First of all Summer will begin early. The heaviest snowfall periods were predicted to be in January and February and there are no storm int he forecast for March, so we’re almost done with the snow.

As for the temperatures, They say that summer will be warmer than normal, on average, with the hottest periods in mid-June and mid-August. As for Montreal specifically, May and August will be the warmest months.

There is one drawback though,  precipitations are said to be higher than normal so we might see a little more rain than we are used to. But then again, as long as the snow is gone I doubt anyone will be complaining.

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