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Tesla Motors, the world's premiere electric sports car manufacturer, is coming to Montreal, and staying for a good long while. By 2015, Tesla Motors will open up its very own dealership, right next to an iconic Montreal landmark.

According to La Presse, Quebec's first official Tesla dealership will be be built on on Ferrier street in CDN-NDG (map) where the old Chrysler dealership used to be, right by the Orange Julep. Laval has its own Tesla service center, which opened in 2012, but the location only facilitates test drives and orders of the Tesla Model S, so it can't be called a fully fledged dealership.

Over $1 million will be used to fund the construction of the 45, 000 square foot dealership, which may become Tesla's largest retail store in all of North America.   Another feather in Montreal's cap of major attractions is always a good thing, and so will more electric cars on the road, because we should throw Mother Nature a bone now and then.

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