A few weeks back we wrote about all the most dangerous places to travel if you're a Canadian and the generate consensus was that Canadians are generally safer than Americans while travelling. Which is probably why many American travelers have been sew a maple leafs on their backpacks while abroad in the hopes it will make them safer.

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But if you're a woman, there are several countries that are actually quite unsafe if you're travelling Solo.

Trip.com compiled a list of the 10 most dangerous ones as well as tips on how to protect yourself if you do decide to travel there. 

10. Guatemala

Safety Tip: Generally Safe

9. Turkey

Safety Tip: Considerable amount of political instability in the last year.

8. Ecuador 

Safety Tip: Large number of "sketchy areas" 

7. Colombia

Safety Tip: Many safety precautions required.

6. The Bahamas

Safety Tip: Avoid scarcely populated areas 

5. Peru

Safety Tip: Avoid public transit and Scarcely populated areas 

4. India

Safety Tip: Avoid being out at night

3. Jamaica

Safety Tip:  Don't make yourself an obvious target

2. Morocco 

Safety Tip:  Dress Conservatively 

1. Egypt

Safety Tip: Dress conservatively - Avoid markets 


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