Award season culminated last night at the 90th Academy Awards in Hollywood - the biggest night in film.

If you didn't watch the ceremony last night, well, I couldn't blame you. That award show is long and can get very boring. 

The best moments are easily the memes, tweets and social media posts. We're rounding up some of the funniest things you missed during last night's 90th Academy Awards.

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Taraji P. Henson came through with some major shade towards red carpet host Ryan Seacrest. She deserves a statue just for this.

Last year's Best Picture mistake (remember that?) has led to some prop edits for the 2018 Oscars.

Aside from Adam Rippon's killer fashion statement, the 2018 Academy Awards felt queerer than ever, which was AH-MAZING.

Points to Adam Rippon and Jeremy Scott for bringing the queer to the red carpet!

One Twitter user detailed all the monumental moments of visibility for our LGBTQ+ family in Hollywood - and it's pretty wonderful.

Seriously, go follow this twitter thread, there are a lot of note worthy LGBTQ+  Oscar moments on this user's thread, and simply too much to put in here. 

Jennifer Garner seemed to be having a moment during last nights Oscars ceremony. Caption this yourself!

Kobe Bryant - yes, Kobe Bryan, the basketball dude - is now an Oscar-winner in what was probably the biggest surprise to me. Didn't even know he was a filmmaker, let alone nominated. 

Jennifer Lawrence wasn't up for any awards, this time... but she held onto her glass of wine like a coveted Oscar trophy...all night long. 

And of course, No Oscars round-up would be complete without some Meryl Streep appreciation posts. 

Now, this one just makes a lot of sense. Meryl Streep IS the fairy godmother of every gay boy's dreams. We are not worthy.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jody Foster ripped into Meryl Streep in the best way.

Even Tiffany Haddish knows what's up.

Really though, I think I could do a whole post about Tiffany Haddish. She wins the Oscars. Period. 

Someone start the bid to have Tiffany Haddish host the Oscars next year, cause she is next level amazing! 

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