Here is some exciting news for all you 90s kids and boy-band lovers out there! 

Backstreets back, alright? Get into it. The Backstreet Boys have marked a return, though - did they ever really leave us? That could be argued on whichever side of the coin you fall on. 

Regardless, The Backstreet Boys are detailing a "reunion", of sorts, in celebration of their many years in the biz. 

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Today, dropping a new electro-pop tinged singled like a gift from the 90s pop gods, The Backstreet Boys are the names on everybody's lips - again.

The boys are still in their Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency show, with dates planned through the rest of the year - but word on the street is they have an upcoming album, and world tour slated for 2019. 

The Backstreet Boys and Montreal have a long-standing history. They have been through the 514 more times than I can count on one hand. 

It stands to reason that the coming BSB world tour will inevitably include a Montreal stop. Since 2005, they've been to Montreal about 8 times, and that's not even counting Quebec City. 

It's really just a waiting game for the official announcement to come out of the BSB camp... but until then, get washed away in their new single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", just released today. 

Is it the most amazing lead single release, ever? No. Does it deliver some nostalgic goodness? Absolutely.

BSB band member Howie let the news of a 2019 Anniversary "Hits Tour" slip. This is in addition to the new record and music, and their current Vegas show. Source.

The Backstreet Boys just played Quebec's summer music festival last year - so the boys are due for a Montreal date. This will happen, don't stress about it (yet) - I promise I will deliver you all the goods as soon as we receive word on the date. 

If you really, really just can't wait. The BSB Cruise is fun to look through.  Complete with a meet and greet, shows and a Spice Girls Drag lip synch for the pop gods (I see you, RuPaul's Drag Race)!

Or, if you're still thirsty for some BSB fun, Montreal's The Wiggle Room is hosting a BSB Burlesque party next month with some sexy ladies, and all your fav BSB jams. 

See ya soon, BSB fans of Montreal!

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