April Fool's Day used to be about putting shaving cream on your sibling's toothbrush and sticking signs (or fish) on your friends' backs. Now, the day is an occasion for companies to try to out-do each other with elaborate April Fool's pranks.

This year was no exception (here at MTLBlog we were guilty of pranking our readers too). From ball-chasing corgis to pickle burgers, some companies really fooled us.

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TL;DR Read on for a list of the companies that managed to prank us this year on April Fool's Day. 

Some of these "jokes" should really be a reality. For example, Tinder told users that they would institute a "height verification."

Don't lie: you know you want that in your life.

And the BBC announced their #skipthesex button, which would come in SO.CLUTCH.

Honestly, I'm heartbroken that this isn't real.

Not to mention McDonald's invention that should definitely be a reality: a milkshake sauce for fry-dipping.

In what would be adorable news, it was "announced" that puppies would be hired as ballpersons during the next US Open:

Another cute pet-themed prank? Wayfair tricked its followers by announcing a wedding registry for dogs.

Metro UK made a tongue-in-cheek comment about straight white men in the comments section:

On the other hand, there are news stories out there you wish were fake. Like Elon Musk rapping about Harambe. Or Dr. Phil SHAVING HIS MUSTACHE.

Some government agencies know how to have a good time. The tourism office of Australia tweeted about leopard-print koalas.

And the Surrey police told residents that police officers were to be issued with feather dusters as standard equipment.

Some huge companies joined in on the action. Google Netherlands announced a feature that would allow users to communicate with tulips.

HelloFresh, a food delivery service, announced their "Unicorn Box."

Popchips announced individually-wrapped chips "ridged for your pleasure":

Shutterstock announced a physical library complete with AI librarians:

Jagermeister announced their new "Jagerbong," a kit that could turn any empty Jager bottle into a bong.

And Spotify added a "discocover weekly" playlist next to your "discover weekly" playlist," consisting entirely of disco covers of songs.

To summarise:

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