You ever hear the expression: "Hair grows even during a recession."? That was the old timey way of saying that if you're worried about having steady work, you should probably become a barber because people will always need haircuts no matter how bad the economy is.

But of course that statement isn't bulletproof. If we all become barbers, there won't be anyone to ...barb. And if the economy gets bad enough, I'm pretty sure people would start cutting their own hair to save a few bucks. So I guess becoming a barber isn't the best way to secure a job for the future, but luckily for you there are several jobs that are predicted to be in high demand by the year 2024.



It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it's definitely a safe bet if you want a job that will still exist in 10 years.

Elementary School Teachers


Kids are our most precious resource (yeah, I know how corny that sounds), so we'll always need someone to make sure the next generation isn't completely idiotic and useless.

Accountants / Auditors


2 things are certain in life: Death and taxes. Which means there will always be a need for people to make sure those taxes get paid.


$66,000 -$95,000

Health care is always a safe bet. And with the aging population, the number of people who require medical care is going to skyrocket.

Medical Sonographer


Thanks to the advancement of technology, sonographs can now be used for way more things just getting a picture of your unborn baby. It can now be used for a number of non-invasive procedures which means the demand for sonographers is on the rise.

Speech therapists


Once again the aging population is to blame. More and more therapists are needed to deal with the all the language problems associated with old age and those caused by health conditions such as strokes.

Computer Systems Analyst


Try to find a business that doesn't rely on computers. 

App Developer


The rise of mobile technology is apparent everywhere. Just reach into your pocket for proof. And any business that doesn't implement some kind of mobile strategy, will be left in the dust.

Information Security Analyst


Think of yourself as an internet policeman, you help businesses protect their websites against cybercriminals

Physical Therapist


Old people, so many old people. This is the 3rd job on the list so far which is on the rise because of the aging population. In 2024 the richest man in the world will own a chain of retirement homes.



As long as people are getting into trouble, they'll always need you to help them get out of it.

Software Systems Developers


As you can see, this one is part of 2 main recurring themes so far: Old people and computers. Now if only there was some kind of retirement home for old computers, you'd be set.

Market research analysts and marketing specialist


As long as consumers exist, there will be experts figuring out how to make them consume more.

Personal financial advisers


Considering you make over $80,000 perhaps the best financial advice you can give is: "Be a financial adviser"

Financial managers


If you can manage the finances for an entire company, think about how good you'll be at managing your own.

Physicians and surgeons

$150,000 - $200,000

No surprise here, doctors have always been and will always be in high demand. Like I said, 2 things are certain in this life, death and taxes, and there will always be people willing to pay you to help them cheat death.

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