So if you haven't already heard, the lovely Kylie Jenner is coming to Montreal's Beachclub in a couple of weeks to party like it's her birthday. In fact, that's exactly why she's coming, to celebrate her first 18 years of life. Only makes sense to choose the Great White North as the venue since she's technically still not legal down south to drink and what not. From what we know, Kylie will be flown in by helicopter, dropped off on a luxury boat and will then dock next to a table stacked with lots o' bubbly and a custom-made birthday cake created by local cake-maker Jessika Menard, chef at Le Cozy Cafe in Hudson. Oh, total cost of said cake btw - only $3,000.

Fancy enough, I guess, though I think I was expecting something a little bigger for that price tag. But who knows, maybe it's made of gold. Let's hope so anyway. Happy Birthday Kylie!

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