The Canadian bureaucracy is remarkably efficient.

Immigration services are responsive, filing taxes is relatively simple, and a high degree of transparency keeps government officials accountable. Though, I may be viewing these services through the lens of the political turmoil in the United States, which is currently a mess of corrupt activities.

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But there's one area in which the Canadian government could definitely improve: mistaken reports of its citizens' deaths.

Just this week, according to a report from the CBC, a Canadian man in Prince Edward Island was surprised to learn via a letter in the mail that he was, in fact, deceased.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wrongly labelled Joe Gallant dead and demanded the repayment of social benefits.

When the CRA wouldn't accept what proof of his vitality Gallant had to offer, he appealed to his local MP, who is investigating.

Gallant is still not allowed to leave the country. His passport is now registered with a deceased person and foreign customs officials would assume he was travelling with a fake identity and stolen documents.

Surprisingly, mistaken reports of death are not uncommon in the revenue agency. Potentially hundreds of people each year contend with similar bureaucratic nightmares, also according to the CBC.

Gallant is still trying to sort through this unfortunate mix-up. Other Canadians should take heed and be thankful for every day they don't wake up dead. 



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