Well, this could be monumental for our country! 

The Canadian government has expressed interest in Canada's age of majority when it comes to federal and provincial elections. 

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Canada's election chief,  Stéphane​ Perrault, stated that the change can only be made at Parliament, but that it's absolutely worth considering. 

"Voting when you're 16 is voting at a time when most Canadians at that age are still in school, at a place that we can actually get to them and engage them," he said.

"We know that Canadians who vote early in their lifetime will continue to vote, and those who don't vote in the first few elections will tend not to vote later on. So there's a real benefit to making sure that Canadians vote early, and voting when you're 16, there's an opportunity to reach out to them."

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If the Canadian government decides to move forward with this course of action, Canada will join other countries like Austria and Scotland who have already made the move to lower the age of voting for their elections. 

British Columbia has already introduced a bill to legislature this past Tuesday, marking his third attempt at having the legal voting age lowered for the west coast province. 

This could be an incredible thing for Canada. 

Our last federal election saw the highest voter turnout since 1993. 68.3% was the official turnout numbers, and it was the best in over 20 years. 

The voter turnout in 2015 among citizens aged 18 to 24 increased 18.3%, to 57.1%, up from 38.8% in 2011.

This was in-part due to the Justin Trudeau's appeal to the younger generation, but the fact remains the same. If we educate our younger generations and have them actively involved from a younger age, they will be more likely to remain that way throughout their lives. 

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Meanwhile, in Montreal's most recent election where we made history with our first, ever, female Mayor of Montreal with Projet Montreal - voter turnout in general dipped, if only slightly.

"I think the younger we start exposing young people to what politics is and how to get involved, where to vote, what they need to vote and who they could be voting for, that would all be beneficial to the democratic process," Coty Zachariah, chair of the Canadian Federation of Students.

In Canada, we already recognize the right the drive at the age of 16. We are also able to legally work, and pay taxes when we do. There is no reason that younger generations should not be able to vote - especially if it will increase voter turnout for provincial and federal elections.

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Don Davies of the NDP has said  that many 16-year olds have no say on how tax dollars are spent, despite working and paying taxes. To lower the voting age to 16 would give the tools necessary to take part in democracy. 

Personally, I think this is a smart move. I only started to excerisize my own right to vote well into my 20s - I know, bad Riley. Bad citizen, blah blah blah. 

But, hey! At least I'm voting now! Maybe if this law came into effect when I was younger I would have payed more attention and caring to Canada's politcal system. 

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