Montreal may brand itself as a “smart city,” but in actuality, the city is surprisingly outdated. 

Computer software and programs used by the City of Montreal date back to when computers literally looked like cinderblocks. 

As of last year, notes La Presse, about 91% of the City of Montreal’s IT systems were obsolete by modern-day standards. Some payroll programs, for example, literally haven’t been updated since the 70s.  

Fortunately, the City of Montreal is aware that a major upgrade to IT is sorely needed. According to the 2018 budget, a major increase to IT-investment is being made by the Plante administration. 

The City of Montreal will increase investment into IT by a rate of 44% in 2018. 

Despite the increase in funds, however, it will take Montreal a decade to fully modernize its IT services. That means the city will need to continue investing into digital resources beyond 2018. 

To offset some costs, the City of Montreal’s IT department has a plan: use free software. 

A plan to develop partnerships with other cities, both nearby (Quebec City) and abroad (Paris), to develop software applications is also in the works. 

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