As you probably already know, Jason Momoa has shaved his beard and posted a video on YouTube today.

The rugged actor went into the heart of a plastic-polluted desert to raise awareness for how much plastic pollution humans put out into nature.

Twitter is reacting hilariously to the video. Here are some of the best tweets so far.

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TL;DR Twitter is reacting hilariously to the video of Jason Momoa shaving his beard. Here are some of the best tweets so far.

You can find the original video here. In the video, Jason Momoa shaves his beard, saying "Goodbye, Drogo. Goodbye, Arthur Curry."

Of course, he also used the opportunity to plug his new line of water beverages, conveniently contained in aluminium cans. Because we can't just do nice things for free now, can we?

Many are mourning the loss of the iconic beard.

Others are commenting on the drastic changes that beards can have on a man's face.

I mean he's still Momoa... but less.

Not that we think the shave was a bad choice, it's just... so much change.

Some people are coming to Momoa's defense, saying he looks good with and without the beard:

And, of course, let's not forget why he did this in the first place.

People want to remind others that Jason Momoa is doing this for a good cause:

The award for best Tweet goes to...

The follow-up is even better:

Honourable mention to this user:

Calm down guys: we'll get through this together. And, for the love of God, stop polluting and get some darn re-usable water bottles before another celebrity has to shave. 

No one wants to see Zach Galifianakis beardless.

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