The Fall season is upon us and that means the entire world shuts down and it seems like the only activity there is to do is apple picking.

So we figure that if we're going to send you to an orchard, we might as well send you to the coolest orchard in the area.

It has 2000 apple trees, pear trees, corn fields, pumpkins patches, sunflowers, and a magical forest.

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In fact, it's so cool, you might forget to pick apple altogether.

That's because the main attraction of this orchard isn't apples, it's corn.

Less than 25 minutes away from Montreal is Verge Labonté. And sure they have apple picking, but their main attraction is their collection of corn mazes.

3 in total, to keep you and your friends busy all day long.

The layout changes every so often and each maze offers you it's own set of challenges and difficulty.

The Small Maze called POPULOS takes about 15 minutes to complete, and this year's theme is "The 5 Representatives of the Wee People"

The Middle Maze is called TIBICENA takes about 30 minutes to complete and is all about puzzles and winding paths where you must identify the 10 concealed magical creatures.

The Big Maze is called MIRABILLË and can take up to 90 minutes to complete. Now that you've learned about the "Wee People" from the Small Maze, it's time to hunt them down and meet them.

So if you must go apple picking this season, and we know you probably will. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere that offers more than just apples.

For more information check out Verger Labonté's website.

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