On November 28th some of you will be getting a text message from the Government of Canada. No action is required on your part though, it's just a test.

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TL;DR On November 28th the Government of Canada will be testing their national alert system. Some Canadians should receive a test text message if their cell phones are compatible with the alert system. An initial test was sent out in May 2018, but failed due to technical issues. Hopefully, it will actually work this time around.

Hopefully the test will actually work this time.

The last time the government sent out an emergency alert test via text, it failed miserably.

The test will also be issued over radio and TV at 1:55 p.m. local time. In Quebec it will be at 2:55 p.m. local time.

Will you get an alert? It all depends on your phone's carrier and software.

The majority of cell phones are compatible with the Canadian alert system.

It must be a smartphone will an LTE connection and it must be connected to LTE at the time the alert is sent out. Also, you must have the latest software installed on your phone.

Again, this is the second test the government is sending out. The first test sent out in Spring 2018 failed due to "technical issues." Several people across Canada claimed their cell phone met all the requirements, but didn't receive any alerts.

The government is rolling out regular tests to ensure that they are ready to deliver urgent and life-saving warnings to the public in case of emergency or disaster.

Let's hope it actually works this time around.





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