As you may have heard by now, three Canadians got arrested in Australia for allegedly smuggling 95 kilos of cocaine in their suitcases.

The suspects are Andre Tamine, Isabelle Lagace and Melina Roberce, and while no one really cares about Andre, Melina and Isabelle made quite the impression on the rest of the world for being hot.

Now before you get all high an mighty and accuse me of being inappropriate, need I remind of you of that "sexy convict" guy that went viral last year?

Well now it's time for Montreal's sexiest alleged drug smugglers to be in the spotlight. After all, these girls got busted for something way worse than a simple weapons charge, they had 30 million dollars worth of coke on them!

It's so weird they got caught though, especially considering one of them got a tattoo that is meant to protect travelers. Guess the cops didn't see it.

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Check out the rest of their trip:

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