Alright, so we've seen the resort that makes you feel like you're in Florida and even the one in that makes you feel like you're in Cuba, but did you ever imagine a resort near Montreal making you look and feel like you're in Italy?

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Not only is this resort a REAL castle, but the decor and overall ambiance just screams Italy. Being someone who has visited Italy multiple times, I can honestly say that this resort truly makes me feel like I am somewhere in the mountains enjoying a fresh glass of wine. 

Both the castle mansion and the spa are on the National Register of Historic Places. Plus, they have rooms that can fit up to 10 people which makes it great for weddings! They have fabulous dining options that focus on locally grown food and you can even eat in their stunning garden that has a great outdoor pool.

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General Information: 

Distance: 3 hours from Montreal

Location: Vermont

Rates: 1 night & 1 room for two = $150 - $300 for 2 people



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