Boycotts of Trump brand products have become a worldwide trend since his vulgar presidential campaign began in 2015. But nowhere has the boycott been more ardent than in Canada.

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With American tariffs threatening the Canadian economy and intense scrutiny for Canadians crossing the border into the United States, Canadians have taken Trump administration policies personally.

The intensity and breadth of the boycott has been astounding. 75% of Canadians say they would avoid travel to the United States. Anecdotally, I've heard of dozens of people cancelling vacations south in favour of Canadian destinations.

Last month, we published a list of retailers that sell Trump products for Canadians to avoid. At the top of that list was the quintessentially Canadian department store, The Hudson Bay Company. The sprawling retailer continued to sell Ivanka Trump clothes and accessories despite massive outrage.

But now, the Hudson Bay has seemingly bowed to national pressure. Citing poor sales performance, the Bay decided to remove Ivanka Trump products from its shelves.

The news comes just as the Trump administration announced it would pursue proceedings at the World Trade Organization in opposition to Canadian retaliatory tariffs. While U.S. officials assert that American tariffs on Canadian goods are "wholly" justified, they also claim that levies on American goods threaten "national security."

Whether the Hudson Bay Company had national loyalty in mind for this latest announceent was, of course, undisclosed.

But that's one fewer favourite retailer Canadians can take off their boycott list.



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