As gentrification in Canadian urban centres intensifies, many residents, especially young people, are having to look elsewhere for a permanent place to settle.

Cheap alternatives to dense downtowns do exist! If you're looking to expand your horizons or are considering a major move, check out the list below of the most affordable urban areas in Canada.

All information comes directly from Expatistan, which applies user-submitted information to map costs-of-living across the country.

Expatistan uses dozens of data points to create its lists, but for this article we're including two relevant figures:

  • the "monthly rent for 85m2 furnished accommodation" in what Expatistan defines as a  "normal area" and

  • the price of a "monthly public transport ticket"

Check out more from Expatistan here!

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10. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,247

Monthly public transit pass: $82

9. Nanaimo, British Columbia

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,595

Monthly public transit pass: $63

8. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,063

Monthly public transit pass: $66

7. London, Ontario

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,104

Monthly public transit pass: $83

6. Montreal, Quebec 

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,177

Monthly public transit pass: $85

5. Abbotsford, British Columbia

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,182

Monthly public transit pass: $67

4. Quebec City, Quebec

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $972

Monthly public transit pass: $87

3. Kitchner-Waterloo, Ontario

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,281

Monthly public transit pass: $84

2. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $1,200

Monthly public transit pass: $77

1. Moncton, New Brunswick

Monthly rent for 85m2 apartment: $973

Monthly public transit pass: $61


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