Traveling around the world is fun when you’re Canadian. Unlike our southern neighbours, Canada is loved all around the world and is enjoying a healthy stint of really good global PR at the moment. 

So, when backpacking or vacationing, Canadians feel at-ease to disclose their nationality, often brandishing a red maple leaf on some piece of apparel. 

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But while globe-trotting is arguably easier for a Canadian citizen, since a country’s local population is more likely to react with glee rather than anger once nationality is brought up, that doesn’t mean the entire world is safe for a Canadian traveller. 

Actually, the Canadian government thinks there are some countries you should never be traveling to. 

Global Affairs Canada, a branch of the government, actually has an ongoing list of countries to avoid at all costs. Found on the “Travel Advice and Advisories” page of the Canadian government’s main website, the list ranks countries based on their overall safety for Canadian visitors. 

Entry and exit requirements, climate, local laws, and the nation’s culture are all taken into consideration. Countries are then given a specific “advisory” that can range from “exercise normal security precaution” to “avoid all travel.”

We’re going to list out all of the countries Canada thinks you should never travel to, but before that, it’s interesting to point out the nations listed as fairly dangerous. 

Belgium, China, France, and the United Kingdom (among others) are all marked with a ““high degree of caution” advisory. None are the stereotypical choices when thinking of dangerous nation for foreign travellers, so it’s good to know Canada is basing its rankings on more than just public opinion. 

And, of course, keep in mind that just because a country is listed on Canada’s “avoid all travel” list, doesn’t mean it’s awful or inhospitable. Certain nations simply have cultures and laws vastly different from those found in Canada, which can lead to complications when travelling. 

But just so you know, here are the countries Canada says you should not be traveling to:

Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Puerto Rico
Korea, North (DPRK)
Saint Martin
South Sudan
Central African Republic
Ivory Coast

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