Montreal's metro system has seen its fair share of weird shit. If you're looking for the weirdos of Montreal, no doubt you'll find them in the metro.

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Pretty much everyone has a story about something gross or weird that happened to them on their way to work. It's pretty much impossible to live in Montreal and not get freaked out by someone or something in the underground.

If you've seen something gross, it'll probably be included here. But if you have anything else to share, send it to STMSpotted's Instagram and show it off.

People in their underwear

The No Pants Montreal Metro Ride comes around every year and it does not cease to disgust. People pretty much just take off their pants and ride the metro for no reason! They aren't supporting a cause or trying to send a message. I understand the appeal of a good joke, but damn that's gross. I hardly want my hands touching any metro surfaces let alone my butt.

Someone cutting their toenails

This one is a personal experience, and unfortunately, one that wasn't a one time deal. I really don't understand why people feel the need to do this. What, you didn't have enough time after you got out of the shower? You REALLY couldn't wait? I get that the trip to and from work can be long and boring, but I think some things should really only be done in the privacy of your own home.

Buttcracks galore

I can practically feel this one. How uncomfortable does that look? The baggy pants style has been uncool for a loooong time and yet people are still loyal to the look. Lord knows why. Seeing this makes me less and less willing to hold on to those poles for stability. Honestly, I'd rather fall down. People need to be more considerate, for real.


We've all walked around in the metro and wondered, what's that smell? But really we're just kidding ourselves. We know what the smell is. We just don't want to admit it to ourselves. People seriously don't give a fuck. Just look at this guy.


If you've been out partying, of course, you're going to take public transit to get back home, and you should. But PLEASE try and keep it down. Bring along a bag if you're feeling queasy or at the very least find yourself a garbage can. Seeing puke is not something anyone is ever up to. Just imagine the person who has to clean it up.


Okay so I'm not talking full-on crime scene here, but friends of mine have definitely spotted some blood in the metros. They may be from a lady accident or a cut, but either way, I don't want to know. If I see blood, I don't care where it came from I am not touching it! People in the metro just don't care. They'll bleed away.

Someone plucking and eating a pigeon

I have no words for this one, really. It absolutely took my breath away. I mean this one would be gross anywhere, but it's ten times worse when you consider the fact that it happened in the metro. You can see people backing away in the video and honestly, same. Who wouldn't be freaked out?

Sitting on a toilet

I don't even know what was going on here. Why is there a toilet? Did he bring it in himself? Why did he take off his pants and sit on it? What's the purpose? The questions really never end, but one thing is certain.


Here's yet another thing that should be kept in private. A little bit of kissing or hand-holding is acceptable, even to those who hate public displays of affection. But, full on straddling your boyfriend for all to see is really pushing it. No one wants to see that.

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People without shoes

Excuse me?! Are you seriously walking around on these floors without your shoes on? You are just asking to contract some kind of disease. Walking barefoot in the city comes with its own risks, but I'd say trancing around the metro system without shoes is even worse. There's glass, there's blood, there's vomit, there's lord knows what!

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