The world has officially gone mad.

We live in a time where cartoon hands are considered offensive and coffee companies are accused of promoting gay agendas. 

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Starbucks caused a big stir with their Holiday cups this year because the design appeared to show two women holding hands. 

It got so bad that Starbucks actually had to cave in and change their design. 

And here it is:

But there's a problem, now people are getting offended by the replacement design.

That's because as far as anyone knows, the hands on the cup could still belong to women. Sure they tried to give the hands a gender by giving one of them longer nails and a ring, and giving the other a sweater. Because as everyone knows (cue sarcasm) sweaters make you a boy and long nails and rings make you a girl (it's science!).

So now people are getting mad either because the cup is still too ambiguous or because they don't approve of these gender stereotypes. 

I personally do not care, but if you ask me, this cup has twice as much potential to cause controversy than the last one. 

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